3 Simple but Satisfying Things to Do in Launceston


One of the major and oldest cities of Australia, Launceston is a stunning city located in northern Tasmania. It is home to stunning panoramic views, outstanding food and wine, charming old towns, as well as vibrant culture. Choosing this fantastic city as your next travel destination will be worth it.

Launceston offers plenty of activities to do and attractions to see. Plan ahead your travel date so you can maximize your vacation and discover every corner of Launceston. Aside from a hotel, you also have to book a car hire in Launceston from DriveNow or other car rental company to help you explore the city without the hassle of taking public transport.

To make you vacation much better, here are some tips to do, and places to discover:

Roam around Launceston City Park

Found at the heart of Launceston, the Launceston City Park is a fascinating and tranquil oasis that provides numerous free offerings to all its guests. It is a splendid botanic feature that everyone will appreciate and enjoy. Your visit to this park will definitely be worth it as you see several bodies of water that are integrated organically, adorable old homes, and deciduous trees. Without a doubt, you will have fun strolling around this city park.

Explore the Cataract Gorge Reserve

Locally known as the Gorge, Cataract Gorge Reserve is one of the things you should not miss when in Launceston. It is a natural formation just a 15-minute walk along Tamar River’s banks or a two-minute drive from the city. There is a swimming pool and a café on the southern side, while the Cliff Grounds, a Victorian garden, is on the northern side. You will see the Kings Bridge floating into place since 1867, too. Visiting this captivating urban reserve is free of charge, so be sure to add this to your itinerary once you are in this beautiful city. Spend a half or a full day here and experience a Tasmanian adventure by climbing or walking trails.

Visit the Narawntapu National Park

If you are a nature lover and looking for a peaceful place while in Launceston, then head to Narawntapu National Park. It is situated on the central north coast of Tasmania, which takes pride in a wide range of easily observed animals, such as wombats, Bennetts wallabies, Tasmanian devils, and Forester kangaroos. You can find small islands, lagoons, inlets, a large array of plants and animals, as well as sand dunes here. Moreover, this gorgeous park offers various walk programs, talks, and other exciting activities for both adults and children.

Evidently, Australia has preserved the beauty of Launceston over time. Its early century-old parks and cityscapes, Victorian and Colonial architecture, are still present these days and open to visitors. Every person who travels to this city will appreciate its natural beauty and absolutely enjoy seeing its attractions, like the ones mentioned above. Even by just strolling around these places, you will already feel satisfied and calm. Maybe it is because of the trees, the fresh air, or the sweet tunes the birds are singing? Or maybe it is just because of the natural charm of Launceston, no other Australian city could offer? I am not entirely sure but if you really want to know then prepare your itinerary and visit Launceston as soon as possible.

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