3 Things To Have In Your Car In The Event Of An Accident While Traveling


While traveling does open you up to the possibility of having some amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experiences that you’ll love to remember for the rest of your days, it also could put you in a situation that could potentially bring some danger or even harm to you. Especially considering how often car accidents happen around the world, it’s only natural that some of these accidents will happen to people while they’re traveling on vacation or other expeditions. So to help ensure that you’re ready, should trouble befall you on the road, here are three things you should have in your car in the event of an accident while traveling.

Important Phone Numbers

Depending on where you’re traveling from or where you’re traveling through, you might not have reliable cell phone service or access to a cell phone charger. Because of these two very real possibilities, it’s a good idea to have some of the important phone numbers that you might need written down on paper rather than just relying on them in your phone or through an online search. According to Jim Gorzelany, a contributor to CarFax.com, at the very least, you should have the phone number for your car insurance carrier, as you’re going to want to inform them that you’ve been in an accident so you can use your insurance benefits to help you take care of the administrative side of your crash.

A Pen and Notepad

After a car accident, especially if it takes place in an area you’re unfamiliar with like can happen when you’re traveling, it’s not uncommon for you to become forgetful or act without really thinking things through like you normally would. Because of this, it’s important that you’re able to accurately record the right information about the accident in a reliable way. To do this, Mila Araujo, a contributor to The Balance, advises that you always keep a pen and notepad in your car so you can take down information such as the details of the accident, the information about the other car and driver, and any legal information you’ll need to have from an accident report.

Additional Lighting

Because you can’t know exactly when an accident will happen, and many people feel like it’s just their luck that an accident would happen on the darkest night of the year, it’s crucial that you’re prepared for even the worst timing of an accident by having additional lighting available to you. According to Kieron Walker, a contributor to AxleAddict.com, you should keep not only a flashlight in your car, but also road flares so that you can see yourself but that others can see you as well.

To ensure you’re prepared for any type of car accident, consider using the tips mentioned above to bring the right tools with you while traveling.

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