3 benefits of booking serviced accommodation in Bristol over hotels


When you’re looking at a getaway, it’s good to think about what you want that’s best for you to suit your needs. For example, some enjoy being looked after so are more suited to the hotel environment, however others want their own space, so a separate residence is a better fit. There’s no doubt that Bristol is the perfect location for a getaway of this kind with plenty of things on offer.

With all the things available at your fingertips, serviced accommodation in Bristol is a great place to have them. Beech House serviced apartments in Bristol have a range of places available which all boast period features and carefully selected antique furniture throughout the private luxury apartments, creating a nice homely atmosphere away from home. With other amenities available such as free parking, these serviced apartments in Bristol provide the perfect location for you to get away. This blog will look into the benefits of serviced accommodation and why it’s the one for you depending on your needs over a hotel, so keep on reading to find out more!

  • Privacy

Serviced accommodation in Bristol gives the resident more privacy compared to a hotel.

Most serviced apartments include a weekly housekeeping service, instead of a daily clean that you would get while staying in a hotel. With fewer intrusions, guests feel more comfortable. If you would prefer a more regular maid service, that can be arranged too. Having kitchen facilities also gives you the option of eating in the privacy of your own accommodation.

  • Flexibility

Serviced accommodation in Bristol also gives more flexibility when it comes to your stay, as guests have the flexibility to live the way they want to. You can cook for yourself, or you can dine out at a restaurant. You can entertain guests in the living space, or conduct meetings with clients. You choose. Being able to have more space and spread out may be important for you so a definite benefit over a hotel, serviced accommodation in Bristol such as the ones offered at Beech House have contactless check in and all the amenities needed to enjoy your stay.

  • Cost

Serviced apartments involve fewer add-on charges. All properties have a kitchen which cuts the cost of eating out. Some hotels also charge for internet, but in a serviced apartment it’s often provided for free. Serviced accommodation in Bristol can be a cheaper alternative depending on the location, as hotels in the city centre can be costly in comparison to apartments in Clifton which are fairly priced and still have access to areas of attraction.

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