March 15, 2016

Travel Destinations

Travel in any Rainy Country: What to Pack

Keeping dry during a rainy season can be tricky. Besides, it can be incredibly annoying if you had planned to have a good day and …

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Hotels & Accommodations

Calculating the True Cost of My Holiday

If you elect not to book your holiday through a travel agent, and instead book it yourself, it is possible to save money by booking …

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography | Tips for Amateur Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography is an art in primarily focused on photography of all events and activities related to weddings, as well as other special occasions. It …

Night Photography

Things You Should Know About Night Photography

Night photography refers to the act of taking pictures in a dark setting, at nighttime, over the horizon. It is the photographer’s task to capture …

Rule of Third

Basic Elements of Photography | Rule of Third

The Rule of thirds is a common, yet important and simple guideline to assist photographers in creating their image, and deciding where to put their …

Buffalo Airways

Amazing Day With Buffalo Airways

After a concert at the Edmonton Alberta Convention Centre the evening before, Bruce decided to take a Buffalo Airways DC-3 with business pilot Mike McBurnet …


A Guide To Shipping Your Car

When relocating from one city of the country to another, you may decide to ship your car to the new destination. Your car must be …


Why Travelling Solo is Good for Writers

Every writer needs alone time to ponder, gather thoughts, and actually write something. Vacations/trips with family or friends are too distracting to get any work …

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