We don't have our goats yet, but we plan on getting some should we live long enough to complete a few more projects needed before we can acquire them.

We have friends who own goats and they say that goats make wonderful pets.

Since we are rookies when it comes to goats we are providing you with links where you can gather your own information.

There are a lot of different breeds of goats. Goats have been bred for milk and for meat. Here are some links from the internet about goats that have a lot of good information. Do the research yourself and talk to others who have or have had goats. There is even a website that will tell you how to milk a goat.
















Milk goats were bred for the butter-fat content of the milk. From what I have read the best goat milk comes from the Nigerian Dwarfs and the Nubians.

If you are looking for meat, then you should consider the Boer breeds. These goats are stout and heavy muscled looking.

Goats should have a shelter to protect them from rain and damp cold as they can get Pneumonia very easy. If they get Pneumonia they may die without you having a chance to help them.

They donít need a heated shelter as their hair will help keep them warm. You can add some regular lights to their shelter to help with the cold if the temperatures are getting into the 20ís and teens. I read that goats could handle temperatures as low as -40, but I personally wouldnít allow my goats to be subjected to that kind of cold. After all, these animals will be a part of your family and are for your survival. You need to protect your food sources! 

Goat milk is supposed to be really good for you as it is easily digested. The higher the butter-fat content the better for you.

If your goat herd gets too big, you can slaughter them for the meat. Remember, these animals are for your survival, so if you need meat, process one for food. As long as you have other goats for milk you will do fine. 


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