Freezing Seeds Is Stupid
By Big John Lipscomb




  I've been wanting to share this for a while...

I am asked about freezing seeds and storing seeds more than any other issues when it comes to gardening. It is rather amusing how something as idiotic as freezing seeds in order to store them can become so common on the internet. Let me explain it so even a child can understand.

Everything made of natural fibers like the wooden chair you sit in or the heirloom seeds you buy from us has moisture content in them. They absorb and expel the moisture from the humidity in the air. As the humidity changes, the moisture percentage inside the seed changes.

Now, most cellulose and natural fibrous things range from 15% to 30% moisture. Ask yourself this, what happens to water when it freezes? It expands. That's why people die when they freeze. At a cellular level, the ice crystals expand and rip the human and vegetable seed cells apart.

Seeds are alive. To add another obvious example. You plant grass seed for your lawn in the Spring or Summer and not the Winter because of the same reason. If you tossed out grass seed on your lawn in Nebraska in Late December, by May you will not have grass from it because of the same reason.

Vegetable seeds have been found at archeology sites that date back 1,000 to 10,000 years ago and they have been able to plant and harvest the plants. How is this possible? The seed was kept in a dark and dry cave. Dark and dry is the opposite of what seeds need to sprout- moisture and light. A matter of fact, most ancient seeds are found in the desert caves. Deserts are the opposite of your freezer.
  For those of you that will counter with-- "but they froze seeds in the seed vaults." No they did not. Otherwise they would have just stuck them outside in the ice. They placed the seeds deep in the earth where the temperatures are constantly 55 degrees.

So, if you have made the mistake of freezing your vegetable seeds, buy some more because you have made a grand mistake and I hope you are never relying on those seeds to feed you in the future during a troubled economic time. Read my page titled- Killing Seeds for more truth.


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