Best Backpacker in the Heart of America

The lure of America, with all of its cultural diversity, varied history and romantic attraction, is a strong one, and if you like to travel, you need to go to the USA at least once. The only problem is deciding where you want to go, as nowhere else in the world has so many wonderful cities, beautiful sights and stunning scenery. For backpackers, America holds an indelible draw, and it really is a great place to get out there in the wild, and visit some of the most amazing places in the world.

Whether you are interested in the historical side – the Wild West, with all its romance, mystery and legendary characters, for example – or the amazing cities such as New York, Chicago, Boston and more, there is something for everyone in the USA, so what does the best backpacker in the USA take with them? We thought about this long and hard, and came up with a list of items that we believe are a must for travellers in the USA.

Before we go on to our list, you need to consider the most important item of all: the backpack itself! We found a great review of the top 10 best travel backpack models at, a great site offering reviews of many travel items, household goods, gadgets and much more, so we recommend you check them out before buying your backpack. Now, back to that list:

Mobile Phone – make no mistake, your smartphone is an absolutely essential item when travelling. Not only is it there for emergencies, but it can also be used as a GPS system to help you find your way around. Don’t forget to also take a portable power charger so you can keep it alive all the time.

Money Belt – never carry money in a traditional wallet or purse, they are far too easy to steal. Make no mistake, there will be thieves about, so invest in a money belt. These are far more secure and are a great way of keeping your cash and other valuable safe and secure.

Music – whether you use your phone for music or an MP3 player – we recommend the latter so you can save your phone’s battery – you need music on your trip. We also recommend you check out the review of portable wireless speakers at, as these surprisingly portable devices are great for quality music on the move.

Travel Guide – get all the information you can on the places you are intending to visit, and plan ahead. You won’t have time to see and do everything, so being able to narrow down your options is a benefit. There are excellent travel guides online, or check out the local tourist information centre.

Backpacking in America is a wonderful experience, and one that will leave you with memories you cannot match anywhere else. Perhaps only Africa offers an equally special experience, so why not check out the travel item reviews at bestreviewer, and book yourself a trip to the USA.

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